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Hello! Thanks for coming to Warrior Mist! We are currently still under construction, but please feel free to apply to ClanCat145 for positions so it goes faster! So please, enjoy your stay at Warrior Mist, and go where no cat has gone before!

Warrior Mist Home - Warrior Mist Warrior Mist Home - Warrior Mist Warrior Mist Home - Warrior Mist Warrior Mist Home - Warrior Mist

Welcome to Warrior Mist, or WM. Here, we RPlay clan cats that live by the warrior code that their ancestors have layed out for them. Enter the world of Warriors, change your world, your life, your opinioun about cats, be a warrior and enter...Where no cat has gone before...
~Solarsong ((Administrator))

These are the rules. Break them, and the Moderators, Administrators, and Creator have the right to ban you at their discretion. To be banned, we will put it to a vote. If you are found guilty, you are banned permanently from this site. Come back with a different username, and we'll find out. Then you're banned again, unless you give us true reason to let you back. These are the rules, and they will be enforced. We thank you to not break them. Thanks! =)
~ClanCat145 ((creator))
1. No cussing on pages, threads, or Private Messages.
2. No adding, moving, or deleting pages without permission.
3. Cats must be normal. This means no strange eye/fur colors, and no godmode.
4. You may not role play another persons cat without permission from them.
5. No advertising anywhere
6. You cannot simply kill another cat. You must get permission from them first.
7. Your cat's name cannot have the word "star" in it unless you are a clan leader.
8. No copying names from the book.
9. Here on Warrior Mist, you do have freedom of speech so long as you don't say anything insulting or hurtful.
10. No 'mature content' amongst this site. Not in PMs, not in rps, not acceptable anywhere.
11. If someone asks you not to use a name they made and they find special, please don't use that name. It is hurtful.
12. No inbreeding or homosexual coupling.
13. No copying usernames or creating hurtful usernames
~Silverleaf1196 (admin)

Newest Warriors~
Welcome to WM!

Warrior Mist Home - Warrior MistWarrior Mist Home - Warrior Mist
W.A.R.R.I.O.R. M.I.S.T. C.O.M.M.U.N.I.T.Y.

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